Anime Review-Death Parade!

Hai my friends!


This is my very first review, and I’ve decided to do it on…Death Parade! Since I recently finished this anime, I thought, “why not?” So here we are, and without further ado…


This anime is now one my absolute favorite anime, and I will be re-watching this over and over again. Despite it being sooo short (*sob* 12 episodes), it kept me hooked until the very last second. I’m all about shows with dark, yet fun openings, and man, did Death Parade deliver. I found the opening on the Tube and I watched it on replay for half my life. There was also this gruesome theme that they kept sorta lighthearted and that was totally amazing. And there was a really good message at the end of it all, which I’ll leave to you to figure and interpret for yourselves… Sure, most of the episodes were very sad and traumatic, but characters like Clavis and Mayu kept it fun and upbeat. By the forth episode, I was sobbing and trying to pull myself together. 

Onto some of the characters…

We’ll start with the big one…Decim. Now, honestly, I thought I was going to hate him just from the way he looked, but I ended up adoring him and fangirling over him. He’s so emotionless, yet lovable and I loved the way he could keep a straight face even when cracking small jokes.


Next up…Nona. Oh dear little Nona. There were moments where I was like, “Awe bae you are fab!” and then there were moments like, “Dear Karkat jegus please, Nona, go away.” and lastly there was, “My gog, how can someone so small be so powerful.” She was fantastic for the most part, but I dunno, I didn’t like how she treated Decim sometimes.


Okay, last one ’cause this is really long. 

Black haired girl (I don’t wanna give spoilerssss). She was really cool. I loved how she was this strong women who was determined and fierce, but kind as well. And yes, I do ship her with Decim. Uhh, I don’t know what else to say without giving slight spoilers, so that’s all about her.


That’s all for now! Thank you for your time, and I hope you will watch Death Parade, because it’s fantastic and you will cry. Goodbye, and do something kind for someone you wouldn’t usually do something for. Help a school janitor, pick up a fallen object for a stranger, smile at someone! Best of luck, RaspberryOtaku 


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